Expanding the variety and the quality of the services we offer to our Clients


The Quality of our Services is the best predictor of your success


Negotiation, design, construction, commissioning and operations & maintenance


Consultancy services during all phases of the project



Extensive offshore track record

Our personnel have been involved over the years in most of the offshore wind farms in the North Sea, providing input, recommendations and gathering experience and understanding of contractual and operational methodologies.

We have established a strong relationship with the main WTG manufacturers in the offshore industry.

Wide range of business activities

Offshore Wind Power Consulting can deliver different profiles and resources depending on our Clients needs and strategies, from contract negotiation, design, construction and operations & maintenance, ensuring that best practices are employed at all times.

Our Activity lines Our Services

Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

For Offshore Wind Power Consulting, HSE is the top priority. Our standards and expectations will be strictly enforced during all phases of our operations, complying with the best industry practices and recommendations, laws and regulations of the country of operation. We are committed to preventing injuries and ill health to our people and everyone we work with.


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