Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms
Profitably business strategies

Offshore Wind Power Consulting ensures good understanding of the objectives and necessities that our clients demand, providing advice and guidance through the different phases of the project.

A single focus – At Offshore Wind Power Consulting, we are completely focused on developing, implementing and supporting management and workflow of wind farm projects. It’s all we do. Our response is timely. Our expertise is deep. Our commitment to your success is unique.

This is delivered through commitment to best practices, a positive engagement experience and an on going partnership and support.

Our strength is based upon personalized customer service, lessons learnt from similar projects, rapid turn-around and by providing highest quality resources.

  • Management

    Offshore Wind Power Consulting can provide suitable management resources during the different phases of the project, achieving its goals through a variety of challenging problem solving and decision-making strategies.

  • WTG Technical Assessment

    Invitation to Tender Assessment as well as Technical Review of your WTG during the tendering process. We assist through the design phase and installation till operations and maintenance, ensuring that all technicalities are performed according to best industry practices and that risk assessments are made for all individual elements of the project.

    An effective Technical Review Process requires detailed technical knowledge of all the engineering and technical disciplines involved in the planning, design, construction and operation of a wind farm.

  • Marine Support

    Our skilled marine representatives have been working in the offshore wind environment during the last years, providing professional advice and support during offshore operations. We can offer support during in-surveys and out-surveys, HSE checks, review of maritime procedures, IMCA inspections, etc.

  • Superintendence

    Offshore Wind Power Consulting provides support during the different construction activities. We can supervise installation methodologies, recording of activities and ensuring that works are performed according to approved method statements. Our superintendents are best positioned for the supervision of the different work scopes, such as cable laying, foundation installation and WTG installation.

  • Marine Coordination

    Our team has assisted to develop a practical solution for the coordination of all marine related activities, providing a safe system of work and an excellent coordination tool and record of daily activities.
    We use a software tool for Marine Coordination that tracks marine activities, including personnel and vessel status, provinding our clients with a full control of man hours and performance.

  • High skilled resources during main Project activities

    We can supply experienced resources during WTG installation, commissioning and maintenance, as the team has been in close cooperation with most of the WTG manufacturers.

    Our HSE culture warrants that all our works are performed in a safe manner and with best industry practices, assuring quality and good workmanship.

  • Health & Safety Management

    For Offshore Wind Power Consulting, HSE is a top priority.
    Our standards and expectations will be strictly enforced during all phases of our operations, complying with the best industry practices and recommendations, laws and regulations of the country of operation. We are committed to preventing injuries and ill health to our people and everyone we work with. The construction and the maintenance of offshore wind farms are due to the environment, heavy lifts and machinery very dangerous, therefore an adequate management and supervision is in place at all times.


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